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Simplistic Leveling Solutions

Our product has many benefits to traditional leveling systems. If you install our product, not only do you get perfectly level floors in one day, but you can add in floor heat at the same time.

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Walls – Tired of scribing 2x4s to straighten walls and ceilings?

We Can Help!

With our unique engineered product being able to go from ¼’’ to 5’’, it can straighten ANY wall or ceiling! Plus, it gives you the option to spray foam or insulate, AT THE SAME TIME!
It’s FAST, it’s EASY and any DIYer can do it!
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Floors – Tired of UnEvEn floors?

We Can Help!

With our unique engineered product being able to go from ¼’’ to 5’’, it can straighten ANY sagging floor that is still structurally sound THAT’S RIGHT! No floor joists being removed, no disturbance of foundation; no, you don’t even need to move out of your house. Just add our simple product to your uneven floors, with the option to add in floor heat and insulation. There’s no need to enter your crawlspace, and the BEST PART, it works on any house!

Your home likely has many walls slanted and out of level that are really noticeable. Exterior walls that are slanting will your home and cause any buyer to no longer have interest in your home. At SLS we’ve had a break through with solving these problems. Not only do our plumb pads relevel your walls and make it much easier to install new exterior siding, but you can adjust the pads up to fire inches to spray foam and reseal your home while adding a lot of strength to your home with exterior spray foam. Also, for interior walls especially walls where Kitchen cabinets. mounted to often they are overlooked and cause difficulty in the installation process. Another crucial area level walls are a must is in Shower and wall placements. A good relaxing shower or bath can quickly be spoiled by the poor quality of the installation your Surrounded by. It’s usually lack of prep work at fault resulting in angle cuts that ruin many quality tiles. To make this process quick and affordable Simply place our plumb brackets at 16″ centers.

Each stud, adjust with level or lazer and install 4″ strips of plywood than install any board of your preference. This product is so simple any can install it.

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